I’m Rosiry ‘Rosi’ Mercedes, the owner of the curly hair salon, RosiCurls. 

I established my salon to help women of all ages embrace and love their curls. As a child, I struggled to accept my hair and the way I looked. Curly hair was “pelo malo,” bad hair when I was growing up in the Dominican Republic and I carried that negative stigma well into my adulthood.

Once I moved to Florida, I was regularly straightening my hair but the humidity would make me look like a frizzy mess as soon as I walked out the door. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t figure out what to do. Eventually, I found DevaCurl products and discovered the Curly Girl Method — that’s when everything changed.

My journey of self discovery and love began. I finally realized how amazing it was to live in my natural hair. With the right technique and regimen, my curly hair could look amazing! And that’s a feeling I want every curly queen to experience.




After attending beauty school, I put 100% of my focus into treating curly hair. I started at Devacurl, earning the highest level certification as a Level 3 Devacurl Certified Stylist. I then trained at the Rëzo Academy and earned my certification as a RëzoCut and RëzoLites Certified Stylist. I also had the amazing opportunity to learn from curl expert Evan Joseph Curls. I love expanding my knowledge on curly hair and passing it on to my clients, because I know once we understand our hair, we love it!

Curls is all I do — it’s what I love and what I invest my time and energy in. It’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle and a core part of who we are. RosiCurls celebrates this and is growing to be exactly what I would have loved to have as a young curly girl.

I am happy everyday to live out my passion and welcome you to sit in my chair one day!

-xo Rosi


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