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Hey girl hey!  I’m Rosiry “Rosi” Mercedes...I established RosiCurls to help women understand and love themselves for who they are.  As a child I struggled accepting my hair and the way I looked. I want all curly girls no matter your age to embrace the frizz... the big hair and love your curls.  By better understanding a love for our hair we can teach our girls to love themselves and not go through what we went through. I never thought my hair would create a brand and that I would have a life centered around it.  My hair growing us was “pelo malo” (bad hair). Because of that I am able to help and understand what products to use and how to treat all curly hair. Curly hair is not a trend it is a lifestyle and core part of who we are.  

After finishing beauty school I decided to focus on only curly hair.  I started the journey at diva curl and I am certified as a Level 3 Diva Curl Stylist (highest certification).  I constantly educate myself by continuing my education with classes all over the country. I am also a Rezocut and Rezolites certified stylist having trained with the REzo academy.  I have also trained with Evan Joseph Curls.  

Curly is all I do. what I love. and what I invest my time and energy in.  To truly love and understand curly hair. Once you stop learning you stop growing.  I am always looking to learn something new to offer to my guests to embrace and love their curls.

My hair journey.

After moving from New York City to Florida,  I was straightening my hair but didnt have two hours a day to blow it out.  The humidity would make me look like a frizzy mess as soon as I walked out the door.    Out of desperation I found DivaCurl products and discovered the Curly Girl Method. Thus began my own journey in self discovery of going natural.  After I realized how amazing it was to live in my natural skin and these techniques, I found my passion in life helping others embrace and understand their curly hair. 

I hope to see you soon!

XO Rosi


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